Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Fish

Questions about stocking a new 200 liter (44 US gal.) aquarium

Hello, there are no objections against the species, however 8 Platies and Guppies each are rather a lot, and the livebearers will also multiply quickly within a short time. 2/3 are...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Is it sufficient to only agitate the surface but not aerate the water?

Hello, yes, this is completely alright. The main amount of oxygen is absorbed by the surface and not by aeration - however, the surface is also somewhat increased by bubble...

Freshwater Fish

Gender differences and fin filaments in angelfish

Hello, after all, there is only one really certain distinguishing characteristic (unless you could watch the fish while mating and thus know which one is male and which one is...

Freshwater Diseases

Swollen eye and abnormal swimming position

Hello, the fish eating normally makes an infection unlikely, since most infections cause severe loss of appetite. Is it maybe possible that the fish was being attacked vehemently and...

Freshwater Diseases

Ulcer on a dwarf gourami

Hello, possibly this is due to an infection with bacteria related to Aeromonas or Pseudomonas (-> sera baktopur direct), but an infection with fish tuberculosis (cannot be treated)...

Freshwater Fish Care

Is there a special sera salt for livebearers?

Hello, many livebearers indeed prefer harder water - hardening with sera mineral salt is therefore recommended if the original water is soft. Additional use of sera marin salt (salt...

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