Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Care

Is additional mineral fertilization required if I already use CO2?

Hello, CO2 does not replace the minerals and trace elements, but the plants require both. Mineral fertilization (e.g. with sera florena and sera florenette) is thus not only...

Freshwater Care

Is a CO2 system by all means necessary?

Hello, this depends only on the plant species, there are also species that do well without CO2 fertilization. In a slightly simplified manner, you could say that bright green and...

Freshwater Fish

Is it normal that Altolamprologus calvus grow very slowly?

Hello, Concerning "growth":yes, this is normal! Altolamprologus indeed grow very slowly.A 10 cm (3.9 in.) female would be a really capital specimen, although they may occasionally...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Is it normal that the tablet quickly dissolves within the sera CO2-Start reactor?

Hello, this is normal and correct. The CO2, however, diffuses slowly through the reactor wall. It therefore gets into the aquarium well dosed and not at once. Best regards sera...


Is gravel with 3 - 6 mm grain size suitable?

Hello, this is not entirely optimal. Food and fish waste remainders easily sink between the relatively large "pebbles". As far as the food is concerned, it is not accessible for the...

Freshwater Care

Is another nocturnal switchoff required in addition to the seramic CO2 control unit?

Hello, both is not necessary, the seramic in itself works as a nocturnal switchoff due to pH control! Plants do not take up CO2 at night, the fish continue to breathe it out -...

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