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Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Is it normal that the tablet quickly dissolves within the sera CO2-Start reactor?

Hello, this is normal and correct. The CO2, however, diffuses slowly through the reactor wall. It therefore gets into the aquarium well dosed and not at once. Best regards sera...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Can sera fluorescent tubes be dimmed, and what do I have to consider?

Hello, the sera fluorescent tubes can indeed be dimmed (e.g. for sunrise or sunset simulation). This requires operation with an electronic ballast. The tubes must be burnt in for 100...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

sera CO2 reactor: Connection and installation

Hello, the sera CO2 reactor is connected to the aquarium filter (internal or external filter) or a separate water pump via the larger hose connector. This ensures sufficient pressure...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

sera CO2 reactor: Removing other gases

Hello, just take off one of the intake hoses and allow the gas bubble to escape through the hose connector! The main concern is in this case nitrogen as it indeed does not dissolve...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Divide sera CO2-Tabs into pieces?

Hello, this is not really necessary since the diffusion reactor itself ensures even distribution. However, there is nothing to say against it either - so if you prefer this method:...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Which CO2 unit for a 60 cm (23.6 in.) aquarium?

Hello, our sera CO2-Start with the corresponding sera CO2-Tabs plus is ideal for aquariums of this size - this system has been developed precisely for this kind of use! Best regards...

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