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Freshwater Technical equipment

How can I remove scratches in the aquarium glass?

Hello, on the outer side it may be possible to use a filler as it is, for instance, used for car glass. This, however, requires an experienced person! Glass polish may sometimes...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How is a fluorescent tube constructed and what do you have to observe during operation?

Hello, fluorescent tubes are widely distributed in the aquarium hobby. They are a standard light source for almost all aquariums. A fluorescent layer (a so-called "phosphor"; this...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How noisy is the sera fil external filter?

Hello, the sera fil external filters are very quiet - they are hardly noticed during normal operation. Of course they should be placed resonance free, furthermore make sure the...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Is sera siporax suitable for housing anaerobic bacteria?

Hello, yes it does. We recommend 1 liter sera siporax Professional per each 100 liters (22 US gal.) [instead of 200 liters (44 US gal.), as usual] of water, or even more. This will...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How to change the filter felt of a sera air membrane pump

Hello, the rubber stopper is only plugged in and can be lifted with a little screwdriver (or the like). It works in the same way for the smallest model (sera air 110 plus) of the...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Is it sufficient to only agitate the surface but not aerate the water?

Hello, yes, this is completely alright. The main amount of oxygen is absorbed by the surface and not by aeration - however, the surface is also somewhat increased by bubble...

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