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Freshwater Invertebrates

Snails eat plants

Hello, I am rather certain that these are not ramshorn snails (Planorbarius corneus) in this case, as they only very rarely (in case of severe lack of food) eat healthy plants, and...

Freshwater Invertebrates

Snails multiply too quickly

Hello, possible reasons also include live food or a latent presence that has caused rapid mass multiplication due to some factor, such as accidental overfeeding or a dead fish not...

Freshwater Invertebrates

Which crabs are suitable for aquariums?

Hello, "Purple arm crabs", Pseudosesarma moeshi, or closely related species are probably the most common species offered in the trade. However, it is is advisable to add some salt...

Freshwater Invertebrates Technical equipment

Which filter for a 30 liter (6.6 US gal.) shrimp tank?

Hello, the sera internal filter L 60 in combination with a membrane pump (sera air 110 plus) is optimal for this purpose! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

Freshwater Invertebrates

Which food for mangrove crabs?

Hello, sera Crabs Natural is optimal as a staple diet. You can additionally use food tablets such as sera O-Nip, sera Viformo, sera Plankton Tabs and sera Spirulina Tabs. FD food...

Freshwater Invertebrates

White worms in the aquarium

Hello, they are rather likely so-called Oligochaetes. The thin diameter compared to the body length and the fact the fish eat them gives hints in this direction. These worms are...

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