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Freshwater Diseases

Treating a bacterial infection in a pleco catfish / Combination of sera baktopur and sera baktopur direct

Hello, this is no problem: both can be combined and one does not exclude the other! It is actually possible to carry out the short term intensive treatment, immediately followed by...

Freshwater Diseases

Treatment of Ichthyophthirius (white spot disease) with sera costapur F

Hello, Concerning "white spot disease":this is of course possible. However, in most cases the pathogens were latently present in the tank anyway (which does not cause problems,...

Freshwater Diseases

White spots on the fish?

Hello, white spots are almost always a symptom of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, often simply called "Ich", one of the most frequent fish diseases in aquariums. The disease is very...

Freshwater Diseases

Angelfish has damaged fins

Hello, no, I do not - to shorten the fins is advisable only in very few exceptional situations (Lymphocystis in the outer fin zones). Feeling in the fins is unlikely as long as the...

Freshwater Diseases

Angelfish have damaged fins after transfer

Hello, 4 angelfish in a 100 liter (22 US gal.) tank: this will not be successful in the long term! Just 2 angelfish already require at least 200 liters (44 US gal.) - permanently...

Freshwater Diseases

Betta has no upper lip

Hello, this can be due to a disease (was there possibly any kind of skin slime visible?) or an injury. If it was that way from the beginning, a misshaping (e.g. by mineral of...

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