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Freshwater Fish

Do different Corydoras species cross-breed?

Hello, there have indeed been reports about hybridizations of that kind. It is therefore advisable to keep just one Corydoras species per aquarium as to maintain pure species. If...

Freshwater Fish

Gender differences in Labidochromis sp. "Yellow"

Hello, Concerning "gender differences":The gender differences are hard to see in not yet fully grown specimens - the colors are a little more intense in adult males, and the pattern...

Freshwater Fish

General information about Bumblebee Gobies (Brachygobius xanthozonus)

Hello, Concerning "requirements":Bumblebee Gobies (Brachygobius xanthozonus) are rather fastidious and prefer a salt addition to the water.They are in fact only suitable for a...

Freshwater Fish

Guppy-like fish with orange and black pattern - which species is this, and how can I keep them? (Endler's livebearer)

Hello, according to the description, they are rather certainly so-called Endler's livebearers (Poecilia wingei). The fish are very closely related to the well known Guppies and even...

Freshwater Fish

How large do Ancistrus catfish grow?

Hello, this is not entirely precisely predictable, because the common Ancistrus catfish very likely comprise several hybrids.Some of them grow to only about 7 cm, whereas others grow...

Freshwater Fish

How many angelfish for a 300 liter (66 US gal.) aquarium?

Hello, you can only keep one pair of adult angelfish in there. Additional specimens are, to say it in clear terms, certain death candidates! Juveniles live in larger groups from...

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