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Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Divide sera CO2-Tabs into pieces?

Hello, this is not really necessary since the diffusion reactor itself ensures even distribution. However, there is nothing to say against it either - so if you prefer this method:...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How is a fluorescent tube constructed and what do you have to observe during operation?

Hello, fluorescent tubes are widely distributed in the aquarium hobby. They are a standard light source for almost all aquariums. A fluorescent layer (a so-called "phosphor"; this...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How noisy is the sera fil external filter?

Hello, the sera fil external filters are very quiet - they are hardly noticed during normal operation. Of course they should be placed resonance free, furthermore make sure the...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Internal filter sera F 400 - is it possible to redirect the water current?

Hello, the instructions for use can be downloaded from our web site, and of course we also e-mail them on request! The filter must indeed be completely submerged. You can redirect...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Is a CO2 reactor required for CO2 fertilization?

Hello, the reactor is not especially required for the control unit, but generally for CO2 fertilization. It ensures the CO2 dissolves completely in the aquarium water. The sera CO2...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Is it normal that the tablet quickly dissolves within the sera CO2-Start reactor?

Hello, this is normal and correct. The CO2, however, diffuses slowly through the reactor wall. It therefore gets into the aquarium well dosed and not at once. Best regards sera...

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