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Freshwater Fish

Breeding Platies / Fish stock questions

Hello, Concerning "breeding container":this should best not be done at all - these containers are simply too small for adult fish.However, they are well suited for raising the fry....

Freshwater Care

Brown layers on plant leaves / Diatoms

Hello, according to the description, they are very likely diatoms. The layers should feel like sandpaper in that case. Diatoms are pioneering organisms in newly set-up aquariums,...

Freshwater Care

Can an aquarium be planted too densely?

Hello, this is virtually impossible, provided the fish have sufficient space left to move! It is important to fulfill the nutritional requirements in very densely planted tanks....

Freshwater Fish

Can currents also be too strong?

Hello, yes, this is indeed possible, especially with fish that are not good and powerful swimmers (all veiltail breeding forms, among others)! Water current should by all means be...

Freshwater Diseases

Can fish die even several days after a nitrite intoxication?

Hello, the nitrite level should by all means checked daily (twice if possible) - sera toxivec and sera bio nitrivec provide detoxification and biological activation, respectively. B...

Freshwater Diseases

Can I combine sera baktopur and sera costapur?

Hello, a combination with sera costapur (both in normal dosage) is possible. However, you can also use the broad range treatment sera omnipur instead, as it has been developed...

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