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Freshwater Care Invertebrates

Completely new setup after algae trouble? / Snails in the aquarium

Hello, I do not recommend a completely new setup - this would only destroy useful biological systems that build up slowly. It takes about 1 - 2 years until an aquarium is really...

Freshwater Care

Conditioning during water changes / Which values should be checked, and when?

Hello, Concerning "water conditioning":sera aquatan (binds copper and protects the fish against chlorine, among others) is indeed advisable with every water change. Dosage as per the...

Freshwater Care

Conditioning R/O water with sera mineral salt for angelfish

Hello, this is possible without any problems, sera mineral salt has been developed exactly for this kind of purpose after all! I suggest about 5°dGH and a carbonate hardness of 3 -...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Conductivity of R/O water

Hello, 60 µS/cm are indeed rather high for R/O water, this might indicate a mistake while measuring (e.g. miscalibration), dirty water containers or even a faulty R/O unit! A...

Freshwater Diseases Technical equipment

Disinfect quarantine tanks after use?

Hello, basically, thorough rinsing and allowing to dry is sufficient. If you wish to proceed particularly carefully you can wipe the tank with a "paste" made of sera ectopur and...

Freshwater Diseases

Do catfish tolerate sera mycopur?

Hello, the copper level is very low and will not cause any problems for most catfish species, nevertheless catfish should generally be transferred into another  aquarium unless they...

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