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Freshwater Diseases

Amyloodinium (Oodinium) upon adding new fish

Hello, independently from the original question: I urgently recommend keeping new fish in quarantine for approximately 4 weeks if possible as to prevent this kind of thing. This...

Freshwater Fish Diseases

Ancistrus catfish has large white blotches

Hello, this is rather likely not a disease at all: A bright blotch pattern is the typical fright coloration of Ancistrus catfish, it quickly becomes normal again. Cloudy skin slime...

Freshwater Diseases

Bulging eye on a Siamese Fighter

Hello, Concerning "kind of disease":there are several possibilities; an injury or (maybe in addition) a bacterial infection of the back of the eye are most likely. Concerning...

Freshwater Care Diseases

Fish become ill / Root smells bad

Hello, Concerning "reoccurring disease":frequently reoccurring disease outbreaks almost always indicate a water problem - unsuitable values (e.g. too hard) or increased water...

Freshwater Diseases

How do I proceed when the treatment with sera pond omnipur is finished?

Hello, it is advisable to filter through active carbon for 1 - 2 days for removing the treatment remainders, even if the water tint becomes paler after a while due to the influence...

Freshwater Diseases

sera costapur: Application tips

Hello, Concerning "lighting/CO2 fertilization":Both may remain switched on; however, you should observe the fish breathing and possibly reduce CO2 addition. Since there is a common...

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