Full house in Nuremberg

The Interzoo comeback was a success. From May 24 to 27, 2022 the "Messe Nürnberg" opened their doors and had about 28,000 visitors from all over the world. Many of them came to the sera booth sized 180 m2 (1,935 sq.ft.).

After the four year break the opportunity for personal exchange was vividly taken. Besides pleasant and interesting talk, there were of course also some novelties in the focus of the event:

From now on, the sera X-Edge is available as a new internal filter in the sera product range. The corner filter is available in three different sizes with pump performances of 300, 450 and 700 liters per hour (79, 119 and 185 US gph). The energy efficient and economic devices have a rubber shim on the back side that at the same time protects fish from getting stuck behind the device and additionally dampens the transmission of vibrations. The filters can thus also be used in aquariums placed in very quiet rooms such as bedrooms. The fine mat filter also provides two special functions. On the one hand it prevents juvenile fish and shrimps from getting into the filter, and on the other hand it is designed in a way that it can be cleaned very easily as a prefilter. But removing the entire filter from the tank is user friendly as well: The holder plate with extra strong suction cups simply remains in the tank while the filter can be detached and reattached with only one grip. All three sizes provide two filter chambers already equipped with sera siporax mini and a coarse sponge. However, both chambers can also be adapted all individually to your own requirements.

The sera XS-Feeder was added to the automatic feeder range. Of course it could be eyed up on the sera booth like the new corner filters. The device holds about 150 ml (5 fl.oz.) of granulated food and is flexibly suitable for smaller and bigger food types due to the fine adjustor. Its big brother – the sera X-Feeder – was exhibited and received an upgrade. The premium automatic feeder can very easily be converted into an automatic feeder for micro granules and particularly small portions with the sera Screw Xtra Fine, a fine screw conveyor, which is available from now on.

As a preview for autumn and as a further novelty in the technical equipment range, sera presented hoods for the sera aquarium range. Fitting the sera Scaper Cubes and the AquaTanks, they prevent water from condensing quickly and minimize temperature drop so less energy is required for maintaining the water temperature. This saves water and electricity.



With the sera Academy, a highlight that cannot be described as a product but as a service novelty, was in the focus. The Academy is divided into two areas. On the one hand there is the Academy area free for sera customers, consisting of product and topical education. Here, interactively designed courses give the specialized trade the opportunity for further education at any time and as required, or to refresh present knowledge. What is appropriate ornamental fish nutrition? How is ornamental fish food produced at sera? How do I recognize high quality food and which is the correct one for the requirements of the different fish? These and many other questions can be answered easily after finishing the courses. The second part of the sera Academy consists of a co-operation with the VDA and DGHT associations. Upon registering via the Sachkunde GbR you get access to the entire digital learning content for the ideal preparation for the expertise exam according to §11 of the German Animal Protection Act. Short learning abstracts, interactive elements and a final quiz after every learning unit make learning on the eLearning platform attractive.

Since the Interzoo could take place as an on-site show, the "pet product of the year" award ceremony was held at the Interzoo. Especially for this, Ralf Majer-Abele, chief editor of "pet" magazine, visited the sera booth and personally handed over the certificate as well as the trophy. sera had won this award for the third time in a row and thus brought the "triple" to Heinsberg (see news please).

Oliver Helker, who brought sera employees and show visitors to the camera and collected impressions, was also at the Interzoo for the first time:


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