Good things made even better: sera pond UVC–55X

With the pond UVC-55X , sera presents the consistent further development of the previous UV-C system. With rising temperatures and sun intensity in time for the pond season, algae problems also become more severe. The demand for preventively effective and technical solutions grows. With the sera pond UVC-55X , you will obtain lastingly crystal clear and biologically healthy pond water. It reliably removes all kinds of floating algae (cloudy green water), reduces the multiplication of thread and other algae, and lastingly removes pathogens and bacterial water cloudiness by up to 97%. This makes using harmful chemicals, which may harm fauna and flora and the biological equilibrium, unnecessary.

With a power uptake of 55 Watts, the sera pond UVC-55X System is among the most powerful units on the market. The UVC corrosion proof stainless steel body is not only long lived but also reflects the UV-C radiation and increases its effect by up to 35%. The novel UV-C amalgam lamp works in an excellently protected position. It has a life time enhanced by up to 42% and a higher performance (more than 52%) compared to standard UV-C lamps.

The system is designed for pond setups above 10,000 liters (2,642 US gal.). The unit can be connected to filters or prefilter chambers by means of the included duct connectors, and it is also suited for direct connection to a pond pump.

UV-C radiation explained:

There is no natural appearance of UV-C radiation on our Earth. It is being absorbed by the uppermost air layers of the Earth atmosphere. Organisms therefore had no chance during evolution to adapt to it. This also includes pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi), parasites, floating algae and multiplication stages of thread algae, which thus are reliably eliminated by the UV-C radiation. The living conditions and the health of the fish are thus lastingly improved. Bacterial water cloudiness and green water in the pond are also efficiently prevented.

How do UV-C systems work?

UV-C systems briefly irradiate water flowing through them inside with UV-C radiation. The units by sera have a UV-C emitting lamp protected by a high quality quartz glass tube, around which the water to be irradiated flows. The multi adapters allow connecting different hose diameters. replacing the UV-C lamp is easy. The hose connectors are rotatable, so connected hoses can be kept as short as possible.

There are UV-C systems in different sizes for every requirement, from small aquariums up to big ponds. They are connected to a pump with a suitable performance via a hose, or they are already integrated into the filters. The UV-C systems are quipped with particularly energy saving lamps and gently operating electronic ballasts.

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