Natural and colored gravel types for individual aquarium setups

Interzoo 2018 product novelties in detail

At the Interzoo 2018, sera presented eight different gravel types as ornamental bottom ground, which are available from now on. They are four round grained colored gravel types and four natural gravel types, which are CO2 proof, water neutral and guaranteed to be pollutant free. Different colors and grain sizes allow for an individual aquarium setup matching the fish and plants being kept. All gravel types are available in convenient 3 and 6 liter buckets. The correct amount of gravel can be calculated with the sera Gravel Calculator.

The correct ornamental bottom ground

The new ornamental bottom ground by sera allows setting up every aquarium individually. Choosing the bottom ground basically depends on which ornamental fish are kept in the aquarium and which plants are supposed to grow in the bottom ground. In nature, some ornamental fish species for instance live in waters whose bottom ground is rather dark - they would therefore not feel well on bright bottom ground. It is important for the plants that they are provided with a bottom ground in which they can root and grow on well. At the same time, some circulation should be possible so the purification bacteria, which partly also settle in the bottom ground, find optimal conditions. The optical appearance is the last factor: the bottom ground can also serve for enhancing the animals and plants optically. It thus also fulfills a decorative purpose.

Properties of sera Gravel

All sera Gravel ornamental gravel types are CO2 proof and neutral towards water, i.e. they do not tint the water. However, the eight different versions differ concerning their color and grain size. The colored gravel types are available in 2-3 mm grain size, the natural gravel types have different grain sizes: sera Gravel White and sera Gravel Anthracite have 1-3 mm grain size, sera Gravel Beige 2-4 mm and sera Gravel Ocher 0-2 mm.

Round grains ensure bottom oriented fish such as catfish do not get injured, when they look for food at the bottom. Particularly interesting for breeders: all sera Gravel ornamental gravel types have been tested according to DIN 38415-6 / EN ISO 15088 by an independent institute, and are proven to be pollutant free, so fish spawn can develop healthily there. All gravel types are thus also suitable for keeping and breeding sensitive species.

The sera Gravel types are available in two different variants: 3 l and 6 l. The Gravel Calculator allows easy calculation of the gravel amount required for an aquarium. To do so, the dimensions of the aquarium (length = A in cm, width = B in cm) are multiplied with the desired height (C in cm) of sera Gravel, the result is then divided by 1,000. This leads to the required number of liters of sera Gravel.

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