sera received award for the third time in a row

The "pet product of the year 2021/2022" in the aquarium category is: sera siporax Nitrate-minus Professional. With this award, sera succeeded in what no other enterprise achieved within by a "pet" reader poll: Win the popular award three times in a row and thus get the "triple".

With siporax Nitrate-minus Professional, sera participated for achieving the self-defined goal – the third award in a row. A product video graphically showing all relevant aspects from the function principle via production up to shipping was made specifically for this purpose. Via their own newsletter, social media channels as well in direct customer communication, sera asked German pet retailers to participate in the online reader poll and vote for sera. With success: sera could prevail against the other candidates and may again receive the award from the specialized magazine "pet". In this year, the award ceremony will take place all traditionally during the Interzoo in Nuremberg.

The product receiving the "pet product of the year" award this year is a biological high performance filter medium for nitrate removal. With siporax Nitrate-minus Professional, sera reconsidered the well proven: The classic siporax, a ring shaped biological filter medium made of sintered glass, serves as a basis. It is covered in a degradable biopolymer sphere that serves as a carbon source for the bacteria breaking down nitrate in the filter, and thus improves nitrification performance. Furthermore, the well considered construction of the sphere optimizes water flow and and thus improves substance transport into the inner siporax ring, which increases the holding time of the filter. The tubes and the spheres are being put together and packed in "DeinWerk", a workshop for people with psychic disabilities located only 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the sera headquarters.

The sera Scaper Cubes (2019/2020) and three sera Nature food types (2020/2021) won the two previous polls. The Scaper Cubes are characterized by the sophisticated, innovative concept behind them: Customers can individually compose their own aquarium with filter and lighting in only six steps, and have it shipped directly to their homes due to the dropshipping offer. The sera Nature food types that received the award in the following year were sera Insect Nature, sera pond Insect Nature and sera Turtle Adult Nature. All three food types not only have sustainable ingredients particularly close to nature, e.g. insect meal or water lentils, in common, but also the sustainable package: the food cans consist of 35% sugar cane. The part of the plants used for the cans is a waste product while producing sugar. As a regenerative raw material, sugar cane is already harvested after 12 months and undergoes several processes until it is 100% utilized. They are therefore the first cans that not only can be recycled entirely but at the same time largely consist of sustainable raw materials. They therefore actively contribute to CO2 reduction.

"We want to thank "pet" very cordially for organizing the reader poll and of course also the specialized pet retailers who voted so numerously for our products during the last years", says Simon Gierlings, Director Sales and Marketing at sera. Quality, sustainability, innovation – these are three aspects that have highest relevance for sera during product development and manufacturing. It is therefore very pleasant that during the past three years sera products received the award, that stand for just this. "We feel that the three awards confirm us having the correct values and are very happy that our products convince the specialized pet trade year after year", concludes Cora Laudien, Communication Manager at sera.

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