Sustainability thoroughly thought out

sera stands for appropriate nutrition close to nature and is involved for environment and nature since 50 years. Now, sera does the next step and presents three particularly sustainable products. sera Insect Nature, sera Pond Insect Nature and sera Turtle Adult Nature set new standards.

Nutrition close to nature for ornamental and biotope fish

sera Insect Nature and sera Pond Insect Nature consist of sustainable insect meal. Tenebrio larvae provide all animal proteins. At the same time, breeding the larvae is particularly resource saving. The insect meal obtained from them is characterized by excellent properties: Due to the chitin present in the meal it has antibacterial and anti-allergic effects.

Due to its properties, the slowly sinking soft granules are suitable for many of the fish kept in an aquarium or a pond at home. At the same time, it meets their natural feeding habits. In their natural habitats, they mainly feed on larvae and algae. Besides Tenebrio larvae, the included wheat germ and other high quality ingredients ensure healthy development and excellent usability.

Meet the requirements of adult turtles

sera Turtle Adult Nature is the first and only entirely veggie turtle food based on water lentils for tortoises and adult terrapins. Sliders, in particular, switch their diet from carnivorous to herbivorous or omnivorous in the course of their development. It is therefore important to also adjust the diet accordingly. Sustainably grown water lentils used by sera provide an appropriate diet for healthy animals up to a high age as well as a natural diet with an ideal calcium vs. phosphorus ratio. The excellent acceptance could already be proven by feeding it in zoos.

Reduction of CO2 – also in packaging

All three products are nut only produced sustainably and contain corresponding ingredients, but they are also packaged sustainably. The food can consists of 35% sugar cane. The part of the plant used for the cans is a waste product when obtaining sugar. As a renewable raw material, sugar cane is harvested already after 12 months, and undergoes several processes up to 100 percent utilization. It is the first can that can not only be completely recycled but at the same time also largely consists of sustainable raw material. It therefore actively contributes to CO2 reduction.



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