Crystal clear water according to nature

Crystal clear water according to nature

Water quality is very important in an aquarium. If it is spoiled it will weaken the fish and make them more sensitive towards diseases. Effective filter media that keep the water clean and, correspondingly, the animals healthy, are important here.

In nature, micro organisms ensure the breakdown of pollutants such as fish waste and dead plants. In an aquarium, this task is performed by internal filters. They ensure a biological environment is being formed in which the fish feel well and remain healthy.

A powerful filter such as the sera bioactive IF 400 + UV maintains constantly good water quality. Due to its innovative UV-C technology, it rids the aquarium of parasites and pathogens in an energy saving way. Spondes take up even the smallest particles, and the included high performance filter medium siporax reliably breaks down pollutants biologically. Water purification takes place environmentally friendly and without any chemical additives. Furthermore, the space saving filter can be used conveniently and flexibly. It is placed in a holder so it is attached firmly but nevertheless can be easily removed for maintenance measures.

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