Dreamlike Nano Cube

Dreamlike Nano Cube

Completely equipped and immediately ready for use: Nano aquarists cann fully concentrate on their hobby with the new Biotop Nano LED Cube 16.

The artfully designed and lovingly stocked own underwater landscape – aquascapers carefully maintain their tanks. The technical components, in particular, should be perfectly balanced for succeeding lastingly. sera now presents the Biotop Nano LED Cube 16 especially for plants and shrimps.

Aquascaping enthusiasts concentrate on design elements and plants when composing their individual nature impressions. Shrimps are often chosen as animal stock.

For maintaining the nano aquarium as an eye catcher for a long time, aquarium specialist sera presents the Biotop Nano LED Cube 16. A new complete aquarium that fulfills the requirements of modern nano aquarium care. The tank holds 16 liters (4.2 US gal.) and is equipped with LED lighting that allows for high light yield with even light distribution and low energy costs. The lighting is dimmable and consists of two chips with two Watts each.

Due to its plug-in complete equipment, the aquarium (22 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm; 8.7 in. 12 in. 10 in.) is ready for use and the filter becomes biologically active immediately. Due to its high performance filter medium sera siporax mini Professional, the active filter carbon pellets sera super carbon and a filter sponge, the 3 chamber internal filter, which is located unobtrusively in the back area of the aquarium, ensures good water quality and this minimizes maintenance efforts considerably.

Special highlight: sera filter biostart for activating the filter, sera aquatan for water conditioning and the shrimp food granulate sera shrimps natural are also included with the kit for free.

sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 16



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