Innovative aquarium technology

sera multi fil 350 and sera marin stream

Innovative aquarium technology

A filter and a pump belong to the most important technical components in an aquarium. They ensure functioning pollutant breakdown as well as water agitation and therefore allow keeping the organisms according to their requirements. sera now add the innovative special media filter multi fil 350 and the powerful SPM 8000 feed pump to their range. Fish enthusiasts can rely on this innovative aquarium technology.

Spezialmedien Filter

Optimal water filtration is inevitable for the ecologic equilibrium in the aquarium and for the health of the animals. This is ensured by the new sera special media filter multi fil 350. It is suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums, and is simply connected to an existing external filter or a pump via a hose. The water flows through the entire unit and is ideally directed along the filter material (e.g. phosphate or silicate absorbers, max. 380 ml (23.2 cu.in.)), which prevents rot zones. The potential of the filter medium cannot be utilized more effectively.

The innovative sera multi fil 350 is made of high quality acrylic glass and includes a holder.

Aquarium enthusiasts use the new, also energy saving, sera marin stream pump SPM 8000 for water agitation. Natural water agitation is very important especially in marine aquariums, as nutrition supply, oxygen supply and waste removal often depend on it.

The feed pump SPM 8000 generates a current of 8,000 liters per hour (2,113 US gal./h) with low electricity consumption (28 W). It can be attached to the aquarium glass in various positions by means of a clamping lever suction cup and directed by the variably adjustable ball joint. The clamping lever suction cup attaches the pump excellently and lastingly, and it minimizes noise being transmitted to the aquarium glass.



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