NEW: all ornamental fish food types are available as “Nature” products from now on

NEW: all ornamental fish food types are available as “Nature” products from now on

After the conversion of flake and tablet food, now all other aquarium food types have been reworked and converted to “Nature” during the third and most extensive step.

Besides the granulates, such as the classic Vipagran, now the Catfish Chips as well as all goldfish, cichlid and marine food types do not contain any dyes and preservatives anymore, and from now on bear the addition “Nature” in their names. The classic variants are and were already being replaced by and by.

The new products differ from their predecessors also concerning package design. Due to a big product picture, the food is easy to recognize at first glance from the outside. The corresponding highlights are additionally clearly marked with pictograms. The two staple food types Vipagran Nature and Vipachips Nature are, as is already the case with Vipan Nature, characterized by a high percentage of Hermetia. The insect meal is used for the first time in the “Nature” products and serves as a particularly sustainable protein source. In case of Goldy Color Spirulina Nature, a 10 percent amount of Spirulina algae ensures natural coloration and additionally provides the fish with valuable vitamins as well as minerals and trace elements.

Besides optimizing the compositions, products were not only converted but also newly developed. sera Discus ImmunPro Nature is a new food in the product range. It contains the probiotic Bacillus subtilis for supporting growth and good food utilization. This not only supports balanced development of the fish but also reduces water pollution. Furthermore, the sera Discus Color Red and sera Discus Color Blue products were merged into sera Discus Color Nature. Besides krill and spirulina, it contains 175 mg astaxanthin from Haematococcus algae per kilogram and supports color development due to the natural ingredients.

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