Perfect terrarium setup

Appropriate conditions, healthy animals

Perfect terrarium setup

Iguanas, frogs, turtles or snakes: The home terrarium should match their natural environment as close as possible to make the fascinating rainforest and desert inhabitants do well in their home. This is guaranteed to be a success with these setup tips.

Conditions close to nature are very important for exotic pets doing well. Therefore, some items must be observed when setting up the terrarium:


Choosing a location

A calm corner of the room should be chosen as location as to avoid the animals being exposed to stress by people frequently walking by. Draft must be avoided. If you wish also to use sunlight for lighting the terrarium, please make sure the terrarium does not heat up too strongly from direct irradiation.

Terrarium back wall

A well structured back wall is not only an eye catcher, but it also provides the animals with climbing possibilities. Cork, bark, stones or self-built elements, for instance made of plastered polystyrene, are suitable materials.


Maintaining the required temperature is very important when keeping reptiles and amphibians. Special heater mats, such as the reptil thermo comfort mat, are suitable for increasing the temperature. It is attached underneath the bottom of the terrarium or at the sides.

Bottim ground

The bottom ground is an important factor that must be observed when setting up the terrarium. The mold-free coco substrate sera reptil coco soil is ideal for all rainforest and moist terrariums. The entirely herbal humus does not contain any harmful fertilizer additives and is especially sustainable.

Decoration items

[Decoration items, such as flat stone constructions, cork tubes or branches, provide the animals with variation, shelter and the possibility to move in different ways in the terrarium. Important: The decoration must not have sharp edges and should be attached firmly in the terrarium, as to protect them from crashing in. There is danger of injuries otherwise.


Terrarium animals from rainforest regions require high humidity. It can be monitored reliably with a hygrometer.


Real plants in the terrarium are a beautiful sight. However, be careful with pointed and thorny specimes such as cactuses. The animals might get injured by them. By all means make sure they are not poisonous and not fertilized when choosing the plants.


Lighting supports amphibians and reptiles doing well. Energy saving full spectrum daylight lamps are particularly well suited. Timers regulate the natural diurnal rhythm. Halogen lamps, in particular, are suitable for creating additionally warming sun spots.

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