Well prepared into the pond season

sera pond PP und SP

Well prepared into the pond season

High quality pump systems are particularly important for filter setups in garden ponds or smaller water systems. Pond keepers should decide on reliable models as they are permanently in use. The new PP and SP pond pumps by sera are long lived, powerful and therefore ensure trouble free operation. Additionally, they save energy.


Your pond or fountain will be ready at the beginning of the garden season only if you make sure to have a reliable pump system in time – e.g. with the new pond pump series PP and SP by sera.

The PP models are perfectly adjusted for filter operation. All in all, four types for different pond sizes convince especially due to their energy saving and powerful asynchronous motor: Depending on the type, it pumps a volume between 3,500 and 12,000 liters per hour with very high pressure.

A clever feature: Vortex impellers largely prevent clogging, thus there is no need for frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, the pumps are located inside a beautifully shaped basket that provides a safe base and protects against coarse particles. Variable hose connectors that allow connecting different hose diameters are included with all variants.

The SP models allow operating small water systems, fountains etc..

Three different types, whose pump volume ranges from 750 to 2,470 liters per hour, are suitable for different pond sizes. They are installed with a holder plate equipped with suction cup feet.

A variable water display that creates beam patterns in various heights and with different diameters is included.

Be it a pond or a fountain – the garden season may begin with the pond pump systems PP and SP by sera.


PP types

  • sera pond PP 3000 (3.500 l/h)
  • sera pond PP 6000 (5.600 l/h)
  • sera pond PP 9000 (9.500 l/h)
  • sera pond PP 12000 (12.000 l/h)


SP types

  • sera pond SP 500 (750 l/h)
  • sera pond SP 1500 (1.650 l/h)
  • sera SP 2000 (2.470 l/h)
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