Which is the correct place for the aquarium?

An aquabiotope in the living room

Which is the correct place for the aquarium?

Well suited for starting the aquarium hobby: The sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 60 stands out nicely in the perfect location. Photo: sera

Living room, sideboard or corridor? The search for the best location arises whenever an aquarium is brought into the house or apartment. Some advice.

The family has decided to get an aquarium: Now almost every family member will see the planned new item in another location in the apartment. However, the location for the aquarium should be chosen with care.

A compact aquarium such as the sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 60 fits in different locations in your own four walls. A quiet and dark place is a perfect location. The window sill is not suitable due to direct sunlight. Algae will start to growth uncontrollably, and the increased water temperature may affect the health of the fish. In a corridor, the many movements of people and opening doors may irritate the animals. A dark and quiet corner in the living room or maybe in the corridor is therefore particularly well suited. The lighted aquarium with its colorful inhabitants here is really attractive and can be seen by the entire family.

A nearby water outlet is convenient. The floor underneath the aquarium should preferably be insensitive against water. Otherwise, it can be covered with a rubber mat. The location is perfect if a socket for lamp, pump and other devices is within reach.

Besides the location, positioning on the stand, cabinet or sideboard must also be considered. An exactly fitting aquarium cabinet is optimal, such as the one offered by sera for the sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 60. When positioning glass aquariums on other furniture, a special aquarium support mat from the specialized trade should preferably lie underneath the aquarium, as to distribute the weight evenly and to even out bumps. The aquarium accessories manufacturer sera provides more advice and information for starting the hobby, but also for professional aquarists.

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