Two new rocks in the Hardscape range

Two new rocks in the Hardscape range

Two additional rock types were now added to the still young extensive sera Hardscape range consisting of nine rocks and roots in 23 versions. The sera Rock Dragon Stone is an absolute classic extending the existing range.

These rocks are particularly popular especially in aquascaping for creating breathtaking landscapes but also minimalist Iwagumi layouts. Due to their strongly furrowed, almost porous surface, these bright to dark brown rocks are absolutely unique. They resemble the skin of a dragon, therefore this kind of stone is known as “Dragon Stone”. The small crevices and holes of the rocks are ideally suited for planting moss, Bucephalandra and other epiphytic plants. sera Rock Dragon Stone is available in three different sizes between 600 grams (1.3 lb.) up to 6 kilograms (13.2 lb.).

The second new rock type, the sera Rock Zebra Stone, is not only a new rock type in the sera range but is still considered a general newcomer in the aquarium hobby. The name says it all in case of the sera Rock Zebra Stone. The mainly smooth natural rocks have a pattern of black or anthracite and white. They are versatile – great landscapes and constructions can be created with them. The rocks are available in two different sizes.

With the two new products, the sera Hardscape range grows to eleven rocks and roots in 28 versions in total. The product variety can ideally be presented in the shelf system consisting of sturdy presentation boxes specially designed for the decoration items. A setup box allowing aquarists to set up their own individual hardscape matching the base area of their aquariums on location is additionally available. This allows purchasing the matching decoration items right away.


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