Third veterinarian seminar in November 2017

VDA/DGHT Expertise Center West

Due to the excellent resonance after the previous events, sera, in co-operation with the Verband Deutscher Vereine für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde (VDA)* again holds a seminar for veterinarians on November 22. Renowned guests from different fields of expertise will hold lectures about topics related to keeping ornamental fish.

Various seminars and trainings are offered every year in the VDA/DGHT Expertise Center West on the sera premises in Heinsberg/Germany. The veterinarian seminar takes place already for the third time. It is intended for veterinarians in private practice who co-operate with pet retail stores. Official veterinarians who supervise pet retail stores also belong to the target group.

In Germany, currently only few veterinarians specialize on ornamental fish. The veterinarian seminar intends to create awareness for ornamental fish diseases and their treatment, and to provide a source for further education for interested veterinarians. It is acknowledged as an official further education (ATF acknowledgement according to § 10 of the ATF regulations: seven hours) and created plenty of interest in the last two years. This year, the seminar takes place on November 22 in the sera training center. Prof. Dr. Thomas Blaha, president of the Tierärztlichen Vereinigung für Tierschutz e. V. (TVT)**, will welcome the participants and hold the first lecture about the topic “Ethics in animal care”. Further lectures:

Lecture: Treating Koi Herpes Virus infections in ornamental fish keeping – Implementing statutory regulations concerning animal diseases into practice

      Speaker: Dr. Dirk W. Kleingeld, LAVES Hannover, president of the German section of the EAFP

Lecture: Better living for fish – the influence of aquarium sizes and setup („Enrichment“) on animal welfare parameters

      Speaker: Dr. Stefan K. Hetz, scientific assistant, Humboldt University Berlin

Lecture: Therapy of fish diseases with OTC and prescription treatments: Possibilities and limits

      Speaker: Dr. Sandra Lechleiter, specialized veterinarian for fish, fishcare practice

Lecture: Self control in the pet trade – paper tiger or possibility for improving animal care

      Speaker: Dr. Johanna Moritz, specialized veterinarian for animal protection, LGL Bavaria

Lecture: Documentation in the pet trade – from an ornamental fish wholesale view

      Speaker: Peter Merz, ornamental fish wholesale Peter Merz, Heinsberg

Lecture: Transport of ornamental fish – What must be taken care of?

      Speaker: Dieter Untergasser, sera employee, seminar director

Lecture: Cruel breeds in ornamental fish

      Speaker: Dr. Stefan K. Hetz, scientific assistant, Humboldt University Berlin

Lecture: Marine aquariums – Care and water chemistry

      Speaker: Dieter Untergasser, sera employee, seminar director

On Thursday, November 23, a free study trip to a big ornamental fish store in Düsseldorf is scheduled.

You will find all information about the event in the seminar brochure.

*Association of German Clubs for Aquarium and Terrarium Care

**Veterinarian Association for Animal Protection

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