Ecological from bottom to lid

 Ecological from bottom to lid

Photo: © sera

Packages protect our goods, preserve their quality and inform about the product. But their production may consume resources and burden the environment. Aquarium, terrarium and pond specialist sera therefore developed new, ecologically advantageous packaging solutions for their food range.

Over 16 million tons of package waste arise in Germany alone. This development is a serious threat for the environment, humans and animals. The quality manufacturer sera therefore changed their entire food range for ornamental fish and reptiles to more responsible variants.

The new packages are being manufactured with minimized material use and are, accordingly, particularly resource efficient and energy saving. The same contents now fits into considerably more compact packages – the price remains the same. The high quality sera food and care products are entirely manufatured in Germany and, at average, are in retailer shelves 14 days after production. The result: short ways, fresh products, and the environment benefits in several ways: Resources are protected and less waste arises.

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