Healthy ornamental fish in crystal clear water

The correct nutrition makes it easy

Healthy ornamental fish in crystal clear water

High quality, natural food by sera. Photo: sera

Be it fairy cichlids, rainbowfish, blind cave tetras, veiltails or lionheads – they all prefer food as “at home” in their natural environment. Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores have one thing in common: They require a specially balanced diet for their healthy growth and a long life – and it must be of excellent quality. The high quality animal food by sera without any unsuitable or low-quality additives provides exactly that.


What is important when feeding fish in an aquarium?

In nature, they have optimally adapted to their according habitat and the available nutrition. An exactly balanced natural food is therefore also important for the various animals. The supply with proteins, fats and carbohydrates allows healthy ornamental fish development. The quality of the animal food is – besides amount and formulation – crucial. sera uses only natural ingredients and ones close to nature from first-class sources, low-quality surrogates or gene technology are not being used.

Proteins for healthy growth

Fish nutrition in nature contains up to 60 % raw protein. According to their age, ornamental fish require a supply with valuable proteins also in an aquarium. Deficiencies may lead to growth problems, increased disease sensitivity, such as a deformed spine and skin infections by parasites or fungi. sera relies on fish meal, casein and eggs as main protein sources, as they provide high biological value according to the animal species. This means they can be utilized very well by the animal organism, unlike other protein suppliers such as grain and mammal bone meals.

Fats for optimal food utilization

Fats are another important ingredient. Being valuable energy carriers and solvents for fat-soluble vitamins, they considerably contribute to successful food utilization and growth. Deficiencies may lead to liver fattening, which then leads to symptoms such as yellowing, fin erosion and stress reactions. The fat amount of the food should at least be 6 %. The fat amount of 8 – 12 % in sera fish food has proven ideal in practical use. The optimal fat vs. protein ratio in sera food maximally supports protein utilization. Fish oils and tiny crustaceans provide the required valuable fat for this purpose.

Are carbohydrates necessary?

Using carbohydrates in food for carnivorous fish was doubted for a long time, now their use has become common. Just 4 % of digestible carbohydrates in the diet of carnivorous and omnivorous fish ensures protein utilization. A level of 30 % for salmonids and of 45 % for cyprinids must not be exceeded: Just as in humans, excess carbohydrates lead to an increased blood glucose level and a considerably increased of liver mass. At the maximum, sera fish food contains 20 % pregelatinized starch, which can be very well utilized by cyprinids – unlike raw starch, which can be found as an energy source in many foods.

sera food, such as vipan, support good appetite, they also convince due to their good digestibility. This means that almost 80 % of the food can be utilized by the fish. This is not only due to the selected natural ingredients, but also to the complex production and manufacturing methods.

First-class food influences the beauty of the entire aquarium: Lively fish shine in their wonderful colors, and splendid plants move gently in crystal clear water. Due to the ideal food utilization of sera animal food, the fish will develop into splendid specimens, and the water quality is hardly influenced due to little waster. Every aquarium easily turns into an admired underwater paradise with sera fish food!

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