How can I deal with uncontrolled algae growth in the pond?

How can I deal with uncontrolled algae growth in the pond?

By using siporax pond algenstop Professional, pondkeepers ensure crystal clear, algae free water. Photo: © sera

Too high nutrient levels in pond water may cause increased algae growth. Algae treatments provide help in case removing the algae mechanically is not sufficient. The products bind cloudiness and coagulate them into bigger chunks so they can be collected and removed by the filter. Such algae treatments often consist of harmful substances such as biocides. More and more users, however, are looking for as ecologically reasonable solution for one of the most frequent problems in ponds.

siporax pond algenstop Professional by the manufacturer sera provides an environmentally friendly alternative to strong chemical agents. The entirely biological filter medium contains nutrient utilizing bacteria. Thes immediately take up their work and multiplication upond contact with water. They remove algae nutrients – such as phosphate and ammonium – reliably, quickly and lastingly. The bacteria thus withdraw the nutrient basis for the algae and ensure crystal clear, clean pond water.

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