I want this fish

I want this fish

Shining colors, elegant movements and impressive fins – it is no wonder that children are amazed when seeing fish. But is really every fish species suitable for the kids, and what must be observed when purchasing and transporting them?

“I want this fish” – parents often cannot say “no” when they hear this phrase. However, the background knowledge of an adult is required for a proper selection. After all, the kids are supposed to enjoy their pets for a long time. Therefore, species rather uncomplicated concerning water conditions and feeding are ideal especially for children.

For instance, guppies and platies are vivid and peaceful fish that do not have high requirements to the water quality. The same applies for Bronze Corydoras. They are sociable bottom fish that, however, require a small area with sand for taking up their food. When buying them, please make by all means sure that the fish show no disease symptoms such as swollen eyes or small white spots.

Now the new pet must get into the children’s room without trouble. Helpful advice, such as a video showing the single setup steps, is available from sera as to make sure there is a suitably set up aquarium.

A bag with rounded corners is best suited for transporting the fish, as it might get trapped otherwise. The bag should be wrapped in some newspaper as to protect it against large temperature variations.

Then it is time to bring them into their new environment: Firstly, let the bag with the fish float unopened in the aquarium water for 15 minutes. Then open the bag and fold the upper edge up. Afterwards, fill in some aquarium water in small amounts. This allows the fish to smoothly adapt to its new home.

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