Ideal food for young Koi

Ideal food for young Koi

Due to their splendid colors and gracious movements, Koi crown the appearance of every pond. Rearing fry is a highlight for enthusiastic animal keepers. The suitable food is most important: KOI JUNIOR with Spirulina by the sera specialists perfectly fulfills the requirements of Koi up to twelve centimeters length.

More and more Koi keepers are enthusiastic about rearing fry. Important: It is very important to support the color development of the fish in particular during the early growth phase. This is the only way they can clearly separate from each other later on. This can be achieved with suitable food such as sera KOI JUNIOR with Spirulina. The balanced ingredients are carefully selected and gently processed. They provide young Koi with exactly the nutrients they require. The food therefore supports healthy growth and also scores with easy digestibility. Furthermore, it can be dosed in smallest amounts.

sera KOI JUNIOR with Spirulina provides safety for Koi enthusiasts when it comes to rearing fry.


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