Make feeding an eye catcher

Make feeding an eye catcher

The new sera Snack Professional products turn the aquarium into a cinema. The high quality food in chip shape strick to the aquarium glass where they are nibbled of by the fish bit by bit.

sera have developed their new Snack Professional range for more fun, more variety and unique views into the underwater world of the aquarium. The stick-on chips can be attached to the aquarium glass from the inside. This allows attracting even shy and solitary species into vies and watching them closely while they eat.

Besides an extraordinary feeding experience, the snacks convince due to their excellent quality. They consist of 60% freeze dried food animals. This makes them particularly nutritious for the aquarium inhabitants.

Also new in the range: Catfish Tabs XXL, the ideal food recommendation especially for bigger catfish and other bottom oriented fish. The staple food consisting of gently manufactured bottom tabs can be attached to the aquarium glass just like the Snack Professional products.



sera Krill Snack Professional

sera Krill Snack Professional

sera Krill Snack Professional contains 60% Krill in the core. The treat enhances the natural color development of the fish and additionally supports their readiness to spawn and their liveliness.

sera Daphnia Snack Professional

Due to 60% daphnia in the core, sera Daphnia Snack Professional is particularly suitable for accelerating metabolism. The small crustaceans are rich in minerals and ballast substances. They are an excellent natural food source for the fish.

sera Mückenlarven Snack Professional

sera Bloodworm Snack Professional

Due to the high percentage of 60% bloodworms in the core, sera Bloodworm Snack Professional is irresistible for fish. A coveted nutrient supply that attracts even animals that are otherwise very reluctant and shy.

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sera Catfish Tabs XXL

Due to a high amount of Spirulina,  ensures optimal color development of the animals. Due to the many valuable mineral and vital substances it also supports their digestion and health.

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