New: Tablet and rearing food now also without dyes and preservatives

New: Tablet and rearing food now also without dyes and preservatives

Following the introduction of the sera Nature flake food types in May, 2018, the tablet foods as well as a rearing food by sera have been converted to “Nature”.

This means: Plankton Tabs, Spirulina Tabs, O-Nip, Viformo as well as Micron from now on do not contain any dyes nor preservatives any more, and correspondingly additional bear “Nature” in the product name. The classic versions of these five food types are not being produced any more, so in future exclusively tablet and rearing food free from dyes and preservatives will be available from sera in the specialized trade.

  • Plankton Tabs Plankton Tabs Nature
  • Spirulina Tabs Spirulina Tabs Nature
  • O-Nip O-Nip Nature
  • Viformo Viformo Nature
  • Micron Micron Nature


Besides not using dyes and preservatives, the compositions of the five food types were further optimized. Viformo, for instance, now contains 4% gammarus, which serves as a high quality protein and mineral substance source, and is rich in trace elements as well as carotenoids. Another example: the percentage of krill in O-Nip, the attaching tablet treat, has been increased from 5% to 7%. Krill not only supports color development but at the same time increases acceptancy, liveliness and readiness to spawn of the ornamental fish. The amounts of these ingredients (spirulina, krill, gammarus) are marked on the package by a corresponding sign.


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