sera DIGITAL EXHIBITION 2021 – Many novelties on sera’s second digital fair

The cancellation of the Interzoo last year was a motivation for sera to pioneer new ways. So the first fair of their own was quickly created in its own virtual space. Due to the great success and the classic Interzoo being canceled also in this year, sera takes up the concept once again and presents many novelties in seven areas in total.

Having arrived virtually in Heinsberg, you can comfortably stroll across the large company estate: Past the administration building, with a quick side trip to the pond setup, over the employee parking lot to goods reception. Here is the direct entrance to the “sera DIGITAL EXHIBITION 2021”.

Having arrived in the exhibition area, the separate product areas are easy to recognize and big, atmospheric banners give a first overview about sera’s novelties: Two now filter media from now on belong to the siporax Professional family. The range of herbal water conditioners was also expanded by two products. In the technical range, the sera X-Feeder represents a new and innovative automatic feeder. Due to two new rock types, the still young sera Hardscape range now in total comprises eleven different products in 28 versions in total. But what would an own fair by sera full of novelties be without food? The newest Nature products recently received a product of the year award. Also, the sustainable ornamental fish food sera Insect Nature is now available in convenient 100 and 250 ml cans. Of course packed in biodegradable plastic.

Besides novelties from the Nature food, filter media, herbal water conditioner and technical equipment ranges, the sera Academy is being presented as a new digital learning platform provide free online trainings for the specialized pet trade. Interactive courses about sera’s product range and important topics from aquarium, terrarium and garden pond care fields allow employees to enhance both their specific and sera product knowledge. Furthermore, in co-operation with the VDA/DGHT associations a space for freshwater and marine aquarium care, terrarium care and garden pond care expertise according to §11 of the German Animal Protection Act will be set up. Lessons for exam preparation along with exemplary training questions are being created. Currently, the platform is being set up and at first will only be available in German.

This way to the digital round tour with all novelties:




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