sera is committed for pet keeping

sera is committed for pet keeping

Supported by the German umbrella association for pet keepers (DVTH), sera campaigns for keeping pets in private households also in the future. Some animal protection organizations demand, in co-operation with the German Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, that “exotic animals” must not be kept.

These exotic animals, among others, include goldfish, turtles, bearded dragons, iguanas and most aquarium fish. According to a positive list of the Green Party, only 80 of the 2,500 known ornamental fish species were supposed to live in domestic aquariums. In opposition, the DVTH demands unlimited pet keeping. At the same time, the association also campaigns for enhancing the specific expertise of pet keepers, for an end to import bans of wild caught animals as well as the revision of regulations about dangerous animals of the various German Federal Lands.

sera also campaigns for the actualization of these demands, and supports the activities of the DVTH. This once more demonstrates the close partnership of the high quality manufacturer with aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts.

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