sera Nature food elected pet product of the year

sera Nature food elected pet product of the year

We are very happy! It is already the second time in a row that sera with their innovative products wins the "pet product of the year" reader election organized by the specialized trade magazine pet in the aquarium care category. After the sera Scaper Cubes in the previous year, now sera Nature products were elected as winners. The focus of the award is on the three newest Nature types from the aquarium, pond and terrarium care ranges: sera Insect Nature, sera Pond Insect Nature and sera Turtle Adult Nature.

But what makes the sera Nature range a favorite of the specialized trade? All food types are free from dyes and preservatives. At the same time, their compositions were optimized. Sustainable ingredients such as insect meal replace or add to the composition. This also applies for the three newest products. sera Insect Nature and sera Pond Insect Nature consist of 40% sustainable insect meal. Tenebrio larvae, whose breeding is particularly resource saving, provides all animal protein here.

sera Turtle Adult Nature is the food for tortoises and adult terrapins. Water lentils from sustainable production are the basis. They do not only provide an important amount of raw fibers but also determine the appropriate protein amount at an ideal calcium vs. phosphorus ratio. Since terrapins, and especially sliders, change their diet from carnivorous to herbivorous during their development, it is necessary to adjust their diet. sera Turtle Adult Nature considers the changing diet of the animals when they are adult, and contains purely veggie ingredients.

But they are not only characterized by sustainable ingredients but are part of an ecological overall concept. The sustainable concept extends from the raw materials via production up to packaging and thus has been thoroughly thought out. The food can consists of 35% sugar cane and underlines the sustainability of the product. Furthermore it is 100% recyclable and thus actively contributes to CO2 reduction.

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