sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional

With an extra carbon portion for reliable nitrate reduction

sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional

It has already been proven several times that siporax is able to break down the nitrogen compound nitrate, which is known to be an algae nutrient. This takes place in the anaerobic areas inside the three dimensional pore structure of the sintered glass tube. The process now was maximized with sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional – of course parallel to the breakdown of nitrite and ammonium.

A biopolymer sphere specially matched to the unique siporax tube provides several positive properties at once and optimizes the biological and mechanical processes in aquarium filters. It serves as a reliable and safe carbon source for the bacteria that break down nitrate. Only this allows for continuous denitrification. Besides enhancing the biological filter performance it at the same time also increases the holding time of the filter in another way: the special construction of the sphere optimizes the water flow and thus improves the substance transport into the internal siporax tube. sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional is an almost maintenance free and, above all, long lived filter medium. The number of water changes can also be reduced. The water parameters can be improved by siporax Nitrat-minus Professional, in particular in case of bigger and/or densely stocked community as well as cichlid tanks. Depending on dosage and application, nitrate can be removed entirely.

The new biological filter medium is ideally suited for the first setup in new filters, and at the same time also can be used for optimization in running systems. It can be combined with already present siporax products such as siporax Professional, siporax mini Professional and siporax pond Professional, and enhances pollutants breakdown there as well by providing carbon.

The biopolymer spheres can be broken down biologically. They are utilized by the bacteria without remainders. The remaining siporax rings can of course remain in the filter and topped up with new siporax Nitrat-minus.



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