sera siporax pond protect Professional

sera siporax pond protect Professional is the newest pond filter medium within the siporax family by sera. It was developed especially for pond filter setups with strong water agitation. The special feature: an external ball surrounds and protects the internal siporax ring against abrasion. This combination allows placing the biological high performance filter medium in any kind of filter setup without additional precautions.

The robust protecting ball not only protects the sintered glass ring, at the same time it also improves its performance and prolongs the holding time of the filter. The water current is target directed and flows through the siporax ring even more effectively due to the unique shape and structure of the outer plastic ball. This results in maximum nutrient and oxygen introduction which increases the nitrification performance of the filter bacteria.

The new product sera siporax pond protect Professional 🔗 allows all pond keepers to ideal filter their water biologically and prolong the holding time of the filter, because the unique three-dimensional tunnel structure with plenty of pores in the sintered glass ring is not only proven to provide ideal settling conditions for filter bacteria, it is now also excellently protected against abrasion due to the protecting ball.

The recommended amount of spheres required for your own pond depends on the fish stock present in the pond. It can be calculated very easily and quickly. sera siporax pond protect Professional 🔗 is available in two package sizes. The smaller 10 liter (2.6 US gal.) package contains at least 210 spheres, and the big 50 liter (13 US gal.) package at least 1,050 spheres.

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