sera supports project for species conservation in Vietnam

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sera supports project for species conservation in Vietnam

sera CEO Josef Ravnak plus other employees of the company sera handing over the donations to the representatives of the Cologne Zoo and the Vietnamese Me Linh Station.

The Cologne Zoo fights for conserving endangered Vietnamese amphibian species in various breeding programs. The aquarium, pond and terrarium specialist sera supports this project since 2007 and so contributes to conserving species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

With their project for protecting biodiversity and nature, the Cologne Zoo in co-operation with the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), campaigns for the conservation of endangered animal species in Vietnam. In particular, the numerous amphibian species in Vietnam should be researched in detail by the intense co-operation with the organization on location. Until now, 182 species of the country are known, 25 were added only during the last five years. However, at the same time three species are in danger of becoming extinct, 13 are endangered, and 16 are on an advance warning list.

The Cologne Zoo supports outdoor research on location as to support the discovery and examination of further new genera. Furthermore, they use their own breeding programs in campaigning for conserving species that are in danger of becoming extinct in nature. Knowledge from their own projects flows back into work in Vietnam as to conserve the variety of frogs, newts, geckos, lizards and other species in nature and to avoid population decreases.

sera has been supporting the research and breeding projects of the Cologne Zoo already since 2007. The quality manufacturer contributes to research and conservation of biodiversity in Vietnam with food and technical products for the complex setups.

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