Summer is here, get going!

Summer is here, get going!

Entirely biologically effective algae tratments ensure lastingly clear water in the pond. You can just enjoy summer. Photo: © sera

Winter was for moping, now it is "get outdoors" and enjoy the sun. This i a particular pleasure for pondkeepers. They can spend relaxed hours at their dreamy oasis, watch the sparkling water and observe the numerous fish species – this is pure holiday feeling! But beware: Algae do particularly well during the warm months. The pond therefore by all means requires some extra care.

Algae love sun and warmth – who could argue with that? The stronger´the sun irradiation, the quicker they grow. But not in your own pond, please! Mainly the bigger floating algae make pondkeepers worry. In case of strong multiplication the make the water turn green. Not a beautiful summer view in your garden at home. The algae need to be stopped in time to prevent this.

How this is done?

Entirely biologically by using micro organisms. Sounds complicated, but is successful and very easy, for instance with siporax pond algenstop Professional by sera. The entirely biologically active filter medium contains nutrient utilizing bacteria. They quickly take up their work and multiplication upon contact with water. They remove algae nutrients – in particular phosphate – from the water. Therefore they withdraw algae their nutrient supply. Their growth is automatically slowed down.

Thus, the bacteria are effective against undesired algae in the pond – quickly and lastingly. Clear view is guaranteed.

Application of the natural algae treatment is easy: siporax pond algenstop Professional is placed in a filter chamber of the pond filter – like an ordinary filter medium. It will then remain lastingly active and does not need to be topped up.

A rule for proper dosage is: Basically, 165 grams (5.9 oz.) siporax pond algenstop Professional are sufficient to keep 1,000 liters (264 US gal.) pond water lastiongly algae free.

The product is available in a 1 kg bucket.

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