Terrapins: Animal gourmets

Terrapins: Animal gourmets

Being exotic exemptions some years ago, terrapins are now among the most popular terrarium animals. Unlike their relatives living on the land, they are not mere herbivores. Depending on their species and age, the armored animals have very different requirements concerning their diet. This must be considered when choosing the food.

Terrapins are not all the same. This becomes particularly obvious considering the different nutritional habits of the terrarium inhabitants. Some feed on a vegetarian diet. Others prefer animal food. And some terrapins are even omnivores. It is therfore important to get informed about the special requirements of the species you keep before buying food. Advice: Always ensure a balanced calcium vs. phosphorus ratio.


The following diet, for instance, is recommended for the terrapins most common in German terrariums, cooters and sliders (Trachemys and Pseudemys species): Juveniles prefer animal food. The easily digestible is suitable for hatchlings. The balanced blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins supports healthy growth. is the ideal energy supplier for growing terrapins. This unique co-extruded additional food made form animal organisms sich as fish, gammarus and krill supports healthy skeleton and carapace development.

Beginning from a carapace length of approximately 10 cm (4 in.), the animals are fed a herbal diet. is recommended as a vegetarian food, just as is the case for tortoises and iguanas. Animal food such as gammarus shrimps (Products) or a fish and shrimp blend (sera raffy Royal) can occasionally be added for providing a varied diet. It is furthermore advisable to always offer the animals fresh aquatic plants.

This will keep your terrapins fit, healthy and lively.



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