The correct nutrition for reptiles

Nutrient blend by the sera specialists

The correct nutrition for reptiles

The variety of species makes terrarium care so fascinating. There are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores among the numerous different reptiles. Of course every animal should be fed according to its individual requirements, best in a balanced and varied way. The food range for reptiles by sera provides a high quality nutrient mix that provides the kept animals with everything required for a healthy development.


Choosing the correct food

The variety of reptile foods is large, and terrarium enthusiasts have to consider quite a lot: Too high amounts of fat lead to liver fattening, lacking ballast substances may cause intestinal problems, calcium deficiencies and an unbalanced calcium vs. phosphorus ratio cause growth problems and deformations.

sera has developed high quality foods that prevent these problems and ensure entirely healthy animals due to a perfect nutrient combination.

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Optimal nutrient combination

 and  by the quality manufacturer sera provide modern food for a large number of reptile species kept in terrariums. Using the innovative co-extrusion process allows an effective combination of nutrients, vitamins and mineral substances that can otherwise not be combined.

Professional Herbivor is tailor made for herbivorous reptiles such as tortoises and iguanas. The outer ring of the loops contains a blend of over 20 carefully selected herbs. The core provides essential vitamins and mineral substances for herbivores.

Professional Carnivor was developed for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins. In this case, the food ring consists of a balanced blend of aquatic organisms and provides high quality proteins and fats. The core contains a blend of vitamins and mineral substances balanced for carnivores.

Natural food for terrapins

The gammarus blend , s available especially for terrapins and lizards. It is an ideale natural food with selected ingredients. The blend consists of small natural food animals such as gammarus, anchovis and shrimps. This makes it particularly rich in natural minerals and ballast substances. The calcium amount is over four percent and thus supports skeleton and carapace growth.

When using sera raffy I, terrapin and lizard keepers ensure healthy growth and good health of their animals. The product is the ideal addition to the . staple food. The tasty floating food sticks for the daily feeding of terrapins consist of a blend of aquatic and herbal components.

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