They are just sweet!

They are just sweet!

Children love goldfish. “They are just sweet”, they say when looking into the aquarium. Now who is surprised? After all, the enjoyable colors and gentle movements of the charming ornamental fish do not only please the hearts of children.

Easy care is successful in ready-for use system aquariums (e.g. sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL).

Goldfish are enthusing. They are ideal pets especially for children – also, because the kids soon learn taking over responsibilities this way. Anyone looking for a suitable aquarium, should provide sufficient swimming space for the active swimmers – the well-known goldfish bowl is entirely unsuitable.

System aquariums have advantages: They can immediately be put in operation and are particularly easy to maintain due to matching components.

This also applies for the sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL. The system aquarium for freshwater biotopes is available ready for use and minimizes setup and maintenance efforts. The natural behaviors of the goldfish can unfold properly as the aquarium provides plenty of swimming space.

Being equipped this way, your offspring can take care of their new friends lovingly.

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