sera Scaper Wood

Compact root wood on shale slab in two sizes

The sera Scaper Wood is a rather compact root attached to a shale slab. This allows placing the Scaper Wood directly in the aquarium without the need for long watering. The shale slab can be weighted and covered with some bottom ground, leaving only the root to be seen.

Unlike other common roots on which unsightly bacterial growth often forms during the start phase, only a hardly visible biofilm settles on the sera Scaper Wood, which serves as a nutrient source for shrimps and snails.

The sera Scaper Wood is available in two sizes:

  • sera Scaper Wood M: 18 – 20 cm (7.1 – 7.9 in.)
  • sera Scaper Wood L: 30 – 35 cm (11.8 – 13.8 in.)

Various bigger plants such as Anubias or Java fern, that can be attached by means of fishing line, are suitable for the planting. However, the massive root will become a highlight in the aquarium also without planting.

The product can differ from the picture since it is a natural product.

Ονομασία προϊόντος SAP-Mat.-Oνομασία Περιεχόμενο Σχόλιο Kωδικό no. SAP-Mat.-Aριθμός

sera Scaper Wood

Scaper Wood M 18-20cm
1τεμ. 18 - 20 cm 32361 45940

sera Scaper Wood

Scaper Wood L 30-35cm
1τεμ. 30 - 35 cm 32362 45941
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