sera Hardscape Shrimp XXL

Rocks, roots and bottom ground for a rocky landscape

Ten rocks in total form the basis for a well structured landscape. An XXL rock weighing about 6 kg (13 lb.) serves as an impressive rock which at the same time directs the view into the middle zone. A construction of several L and S/M rocks provides natural crevices for shrimps, in which they can hide and search for food. Further rocks can be positioned freely in the aquarium and even planted. The included root not only allows creating various formations, it also serves as a food source for shrimps and smaller catfish species. Colorful fish and shrimps, in particular, are beautifully presented above the dark bottom ground.

The Shrimp XXL hardscape perfectly matches the sera AquaTank 96 l (25 US gal.). However, it also fits into the bigger AquaTanks with 128 or 160 liters (34 or 42 US gal.). The rocks can be positioned vertically for doing so, or the living environment of the fish gets a bigger swimming zone at a height of 40 or 50 cm (16 or 20 in.). Also, the hardscape can be extended freely by further roots and/or rocks. It is also possible to create an Iwagumi layout around the great XXL main stone (Oyaishi).

Included with the Shrimp XXL hardscape:

  • 6 x sera Rock Gray Mountain S/M
  • 3 x sera Rock Gray Mountain L
  • 1 x sera Rock Gray Mountain XXL
  • 1 x sera Scaper Root L
  • 1 x sera floredepot 2.4 kg (5.3 lb.)
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.)
  • 1 x sera Gravel Anthracite 13 l

Note: Without plants – the pictures merely serves as a setup example!


Animal stock

As the name already tells, the hardscape is particularly well suited for shrimps. Shrimp species from the genera Caridina (e.g. Amano shrimps, tiger and bee shrimps) or Neocaridina (e.g. Red Fire, Sakura, White Pearl) are, for instance, popular. Smaller tetras or rasboras can be kept additionally.


The following plants have been used in the setup example:

Vesicularia ferriei "Weeping Moss"4
Microsorum pteropus1
Blyxa japonica1
Staurogyne sp. "Bihar"2
Hydrocotyle verticillata1
Alternanthera reineckii "Mini"4
Lilaeopsis novae zelandiae4
Micranthemum umbrosum11
Crinum calamistratum1
Glossostigma elatinoides4
Fissidens fontanus1

Abundant planting is very important for shrimps due to two reasons: on the one hand they like to hide there, on the other hand fine periphyton will grow on the plants which the shrimps can graze off. Bottom covering plants are particularly well suited, as the shrimps can hide underneath and at the same time also eat the sludge forming under them. Moss is also ideal for a community aquarium: it is particularly fine-leaved and thus provides a good settling opportunity for micro organisms, which in return are readily eaten by the shrimps. Of course, the plant selection should be considerably reduced for an Iwagumi layout.

Additional lighting

Depending on the planting it is advisable to enhance lighting by adding a second LED tube. In case of abundant planting, the plant growth supporting sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise is particularly well suited. If many bottom covering plants are being used, the sera LED X-Change cool daylight LED tube is particularly reasonable, since bottom covering plants require very much light and “extend” towards it in case of insufficient light, which makes them grow taller.

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sera Hardscape Shrimp XXL

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