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Freshwater Invertebrates

"Crystal Red" shrimps in a 25 liter aquarium

Hello,I read an ad in an aquarium magzine offering "Crystal Red" shrimps at a favorable price. I have some space left in my 25 liter tank currently stocked with 3 "Amano" shrimps...

Freshwater Care Food

"Moss balls" / Food amount

Hello,I purchased a moss ball (Cladophora).this is in fact not a moss at all, but a (desired in this case) green alga.How do I have to handle it? Does it have special requirements?It...

Freshwater Care

Algae problems with very low nitrate and phosphate levels

Hello,I have the nitrate and phosphate test kits from your range. Both consistently indicate 0.0 mg/l in spite of considerable algae growth. I also tested rainwater from outside that...

Freshwater Fish

General information about Bumblebee Gobies (Brachygobius xanthozonus)

Hello,I purchased 4 bumblebee gobies, which requirements do they have?Bumblebee Gobies (Brachygobius xanthozonus) are rather fastidious and prefer a salt addition to the water. They...

Freshwater Diseases

Amyloodinium (Oodinium) upon adding new fish

Hello,I have a saltwater aquarium (240 l) and added new fish, these seem to have introduced velvet disease leading to my entire fish stock dying within the last days.independently...

Freshwater Fish Diseases

Ancistrus catfish has large white blotches

Hello,My Ancistrus catfish has large white blotches. Which disease could this be?this is rather likely not a disease at all: A bright blotch pattern is the typical fright coloration...

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