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Can I keep a tortoise in a discarded aquarium?

Hello, no, discarded aquariums are not suitable for this purpose alone for their size, which is almost always too small. Tortoises require rather much space, you should at least...

Terrarium Fish

Can I keep terrapins and fish together?

Hello, this is not a good idea for several reasons: Terrapins grow very large (for instance, the popular Red-Eared Sliders grow to 25 - 30 cm length). The aquarium must therefore...


How large does an aquaterrarium for terrapins have to be, and what do I have to consider when setting it up?

Hello, Concering "aquaterrarium":Due to the final size of the terrapins (approx. 25 cm carapace length for Red-Eared Sliders), you should calculate about one square meter per animal....

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