Three new internal filters with many useful features

The sera X-Edge adds three corner filters to the internal filter range. The models 300, 450 and 700 are designed for aquariums with 50 to 300 liters (13 – 79 US gal.), where the number represents the pump performance of the filter. Apart from the water flow rate, the three models have different heights and thus are suitable for aquariums with a minimum height of 25 cm (10 in.). However, the required size not only depends on the tank size but also to the stock density. Besides higher pump performance, well stocked aquariums also require a corresponding filter volume. This allows prolonging cleaning intervals and lastingly improving water quality. Besides fine and coarse mechanical filter material, sera siporax mini Professional must of course not be missing as a biological filter medium. 

The X-Edge models are designed as corner filters. They can be installed unobtrusively and easily in the aquarium as well as be removed for cleaning. The clever feature: the holder plate with its suction cups remains in the aquarium, and the filter is simply hinged or unhinged. This makes cleaning particularly quick. The fine mat filter designed as a prefilter is another advantage concerning cleaning. It is easy to wash out or replace, and it is available as a twin pack in the sera product range. Replacement is also possible under water without the need to remove the entire filter from the aquarium. 

The safeguard protection for shrimps or juvenile fish is another advantage of the filter mat designed as a prefilter. The tightly fitting and seamlessly connecting filter insert reliably prevents the animals from accessing the rotor. The integrated "Swim-stop" is another safety aspect of the X-Edge range. It ensures that fish cannot swim behind the filter and get stuck there. 

Not depending on the chosen model, the water flow rate can be adjusted steplessly and be set variably in a 90° angle with all three X-Edge variants. The spray bar included with the kit can be used for optimal surface agitation. Alternatively, a soft current can be created with the duck beak nozzle which is also included with the kit. If desired – and due to the injector in the air set – with additional oxygen. 

Besides these many well considered features and the three powerful pumps (with a current uptake of only 4.2, 5 and 8.5 Watts, respectively), combined with first class filter media, the sera X-Edge models (link) are characterized by a quiet running behavior. A rubber shim additionally prevents vibrations being transmitted to the aquarium glass. The new sera corner filters are therefore convincing due to their universal application possibilities, important safety aspects and user friendly handling.


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