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pH value remains below 6.5 even after a water change

Hello, Concerning "R/O water":just a remark: the pH value of R/O water is not really important - it can vary strongly as it is not buffered. Furthermore, conventional pH electrodes...

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Piranhas in an aquarium

Hello, I will split the answer into a number of different topics! Setup:a very large aquarium (at least 1,000 liters for 5 fish, preferably more) with sand bottom (the fish dig...

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Platies: How can I detect pregnancy, how often do the fish give birth?

Hello, the unborn fry are visible as a gravid spot (a dark spot diagonally above the anal fin). Just before birth, even the eyes of the fry can be seen through the skin of their...

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Población de peces en un acuario del Lago Malawi / Capas viscosas

Hola, En cuanto a la “población de peces”:Las lochas y los Ancistrus no son compatibles con los cíclidos del Lago Malawi y sería mejor tenerlos en acuarios separados. Además, no se...

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Position of the sera F 700

Hello, yes, that concerns the complete filter! Make sure that no sand/gravel can get in and possibly damage the rotor, when place it on the bottom! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

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Preguntas sobre la cría de Colisa lalia

Hola, En cuanto a la "construcción del nido/lugar para la comida":Me parece bien - simplemente recomiendo poner la comida en otro lugar, ¡al menos temporalmente! En cuanto al...

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