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Are the sera aquarium heaters also suitable for brackish and salt water?

Hello, there is no objection in any way! The heaters are also suitable for brackish or salt water without any restriction. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Can I also use tap water for preparing saltwater?

Hello, Concerning "R/O water/tap water":water completely deionized by reverse osmosis (R/O) or ion exchange is virtually free from potentially harmful substances, which cannot be...

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Conditioning saltwater for shrimps

Hello, I will categorize this a bit: Technical equipmentA protein skimmer is in any case advisable in saltwater. A motor operated internal filter is sufficient for agitating the...

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Pressure filters in saltwater?

Hello, yes, the pressure filters are suitable for this purpose without any restrictions. Here they are (maximum width, measured at the steel sealing ring / total height; all...

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Roca viva del Mar Mediterráneo: ¿Qué salinidad?

Hola, En cuanto a la "aireación/temperatura":Sí, estoy de acuerdo. En cuanto a la "salinidad":Se pueden usar las mismas salinidades que se encuentran normalmente en acuarios de...

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What do I need for setting up a saltwater aquarium with 220 liters?

Hello, you should include the following: heater (the wattage depends on the desired water temperature as well as the surrounding temperature) lighting (type and intensity depend...

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