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Uno de mis Guppys jóvenes tiene la columna torcida

Hola, Malformaciones de este tipo se ven a menudo en Guppys jóvenes, principalmente por causas genéticas. Las lesiones también son una posible causa. Aunque parezca brutal: no hay...

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UV protection foil for algae prevention?

Hello, I am sceptical, because glass itself already absorbs most of the UV. If the aquarium (and not heat etc.) is the main reason for the protection, you could also cover the...

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Veiltail goldfish in an aquarium

Hello, first of all, 25 liters are by far insufficient for goldfish, including veiltails! The gross tank volume shoud be at least 100 liters for juveniles, and the fish need to be...

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Veiltail goldfish swim upside down

Hello, according to the description, my guess is a bacterial swim bladder infection that may be treated with sera baktopur direct or sera bakto Tabs, at least in early stages. Comba...

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Water becomes cloudy after a water change

Hello, it sounds as if many (basically beneficial!) bacteria (= milky cloudiness) are swirled up from the bottom gravel during the water change and simply require some time for...

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Water change rate and filter cleaning

Hello, Concerning "cleaning the filter media":this is alright if it considers only the prefilter media! However it is necessary only when these are clogged so densely that the water...

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